Claude Bookout is President of United Investigations International, a private investigations firm located in Austin, Texas. ( Texas license number: C9472

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United International Investigations is an experienced private investigations firm with a reputation for integrity, dependability, and thoroughness. The firm provides its clients with a broad range of investigative assistance. Corporations, law firms, and prominent individuals have relied on its professional team of investigators to obtain power and control over their particular situations.

Learning about Private Investigations

This post is for readers who want to know more about the profession of private investigations. Whether you are interested in the field out of intrigue, are thinking about hiring a private investigator and want to be an informed consumer, or are contemplating a career in the profession, this post will point you in the direction of some excellent books.

There are a variety of books on the profession, some better than others. While it may be useful to read a book that gives a general overview of the profession or provides interesting stories, such as Broker, Trader, Lawyer, Spy: The Secret World of Corporate Espionage, the more useful books are those that build knowledge and skills that are relevant to successful investigations. If you are seeking employment with an investigations company or want to be an informed consumer, it is better to invest in books that deal with the process of investigation and relevant laws. The following books are excellent resources:
In addition to the books listed above, you will want to invest in books on writing if you plan to work as a field investigator. You will write professional reports that will be passed along to clients and may be used in court. A well written report, free of grammatical errors and typos, will project the proper professional image. The following books are excellent resources for improved writing.
Being a private investigator is not just about following people, as popular press images suggest. It is about knowing the laws and understanding human psychology. The above books will help you to gain an understanding of what it really takes to conduct a successful investigation.