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Privacy and unmanned drones

A recent Nightline (ABC) segment on the use of unmanned drones made it clear that small aerial camera-ready craft are becoming mainstream.

Here is the video:

At the beginning of the segment, note that the  humming bird covert camera can record audio. Buyer beware! While it is legal to record video of people when they do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy (the courts will eventually take up this issue once the lawsuits are filed over these devices), in almost every state--and for that matter in federal statute--the recording of audio in which you are not a party to the conversation is illegal wiretap. In other words, careless use of aerial drones to conduct covert surveillance could  lead to prison. 

Be careful of this scam (and using public wifi)!

These two interesting clip's from "Upgrade Your Life" blogger Becky Worley offers some important tips about public WiFi and "Who's Searching for Me" scams.

Who's Searching for Me Scams

Is it Safe to Bank on Public WiFi?

Remember, it is always best to consider the risks of sharing your data online in general and in public locations in particular. If you feel your data has been compromised, hire a private investigator to conduct a thorough investigation and security risk assessment.

Some great stories

The private investigations industry does not have the greatest professional image. However, these two recent stories show both the importance of private investigators and the profession's growing status as a necessary and useful enterprise for businesses, individuals, and governments. 

If you need international investigative services or protection, consider hiring United International Investigations.

A useful book

Though the following book may not be useful for all readers, it is something that both the Californian private investigator and clients (especially attorneys) should read. It is written by David Queen, a tenured federal prosecutor, defense attorney, and licensed private investigator. The book's legal focus makes it very useful guide for assured due diligence in investigative cases. Investigators and clients residing outside of California can benefit from this text by using it as a reference when subcontracting or when an investigation shifts to California legal statute. As a reference book, it can certain assure that the investigator handling a case is operating within the rule of law.