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A new ad: Just in time for the holidays

We're recovering from Halloween too, and now gearing up for the next two big holidays. Perhaps it's the sugar rush, but we're going to break from our typical monthly post of giving advice, and do a bit of self-promoting. (Thanks for being understanding, especially since it's the holidays!)

Thanksgiving and the various social and religious holidays in December can be a stressful, especially for relationships, marriages, and employees. But they  are, in our experience, some of the best times to conduct domestic-related and business-related investigations. People do not have their guard up, the stress of the holidays tends to push people to do things they normally would not do (e.g., steal some money from the register to buy that gift one can't afford), and there are ample opportunities for infidelity: "honey, I'm going out shopping"; "'X employee,' can you take care of the deposits for me?"

Surveillance and a professional investigation is the only way you're going to find out who's been naughty, and who's been nice. If you suspect your employee is stealing or your spouse/partner is cheating, please contact us today for a free, initial consultation. Here's a video that the folks over at kindly put together for us: