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Got bullying problems? Consider a private investigator.

A simple Google search using the key term "bullying" suggests that it is a serious social issue. While school-yard bullying has always been a concern of parents and gurdians, recent news about cyber-bullying and its effect on youth and adults' seemingly lax oversight and poor understanding of both physical and cyberbullying, have prompted a national conversation. West Virgina, for example, just passed a stronger anti-bullying bill.

Suspicions of bullying can be hard to prove. False claims made against a child can be hard to disprove. Cyberbullying is hard to detect. School misconduct or poor due diligence can be unnerving.

While any serious concern about bullying should be reported to the proper authorities, there are reasons that parents and guardians, schools, and other public stakeholders ought to consider, in certain circumstances, hiring a private investigator to prove or disprove (cyber)bullying. As an independent professional, a private investigator can collect additional facts, interview witnesses, conduct surveillance, review case files and, when necessary, work with authorities. This work will allow you to obtain an unbiased impression of a case in order to protect a child.

As part of their "domestic services," many private investigators already conduct investigations into parental abuse, kidnapping, and other crimes against children. Thus, they are well prepared to handle bullying cases. So speak with one to see if he or she can assist you with bullying too.

As our regular readers know, we have designed this blog to provide helpful information to our clients and to passersby. Thus, we'd like to mention that when it comes to online social networking and cyber-bullying, parents and guardians should consider implementing safeguards with or without a professional investigator's help. Many private investigators can, of course, conduct a comprehensive online security risk-assessment for your family. For those who need a basic solution, though, help seems to be on its way. There is a new company, SocialShield, that provides a solution for online monitoring, and it recently received an injection of capital to improve its product. Here is a description of the service as posted in a recent issue of Entrepreneur:
SocialShield doesn't prohibit users from engaging in any behavior online and doesn't restrict access to websites. Rather, it acts as watchdog, monitoring children's contacts online, comparing friends and others interacting with the child to names and photos on sexual predator databases. Parents are alerted if there is a match or if there is a contact unrelated to other connections in the child's network, which can be a sign of stalking. The application also analyzes keywords in comments and posts and notifies parents if there are references to drugs, violence and suicide and words commonly used in cyberbullying.
If  your child attends school in the Austin area, and should your child be a victim or suspected instigator of bullying, please call us to discuss your concerns and the specific nature of your case.