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Happy 4th of July: Recognizing the importance of the PI in US society

It’s just about the 4th of July, which means that many US-Americans will reflect on U.S. history and think about its future. Though the private investigator may conjure thoughts of shady surveillances of cheating spouses, the profession has been, and will continue to be, an important to citizens and businesses. For example, before there were county sheriffs, city police departments, and even the Secret Service, everyday citizens, politicians, and entrepreneurs could only rely on the help of private investigators to resolve criminal or civil issues. (In today’s climate of budget cuts, many police cannot investigate petty crimes so again private investigations is on the rise, see OOH.) Allan Pinkerton, for example, the founder of one the first formal (and most famous) private detective agencies in the United States, Pinkerton National Detective Agency (est. 1850), provided security detail for Abraham Lincoln, and even foiled an assassination plot against Lincoln. Pinkertons created many procedures and protocol that were used to set up and train early FBI agents (source: Wikipedia). 

Though private investigators may not enjoy the same status and image in the United States that they once did, or get to enjoy adventures on par with Allan Pinkerton, they are still retained by the public, business owners, government agencies, and attorneys to assist in a variety of cases that matter to well-being of citizens and the security of the nation. Below is a list of a few cases in the past few months that are particularly noteworthy. In celebration of Independence Day, let’s salute these professionals for a job well done, and remember that all civil, criminal, and personal matters, big or small, can often benefit from the dedicated work of a professional investigator:

  1. Missing Farrah Fawcett Portrait, worth millions, found by a private investigator. [link]
  2. Undercover sting, coordinated by a private investigator, proves blackmail and protects bank assets. [link]
  3. Missing Loyola University student found in hotel room by professional investigator. [link]
  4. Private eye locates homeless man and informs him of a significant inheritance. [link]

 Remember that a private investigator can be your advocate. If you currently have a financial, legal, business, or personal issue that you think could be resolved by a private investigator, please do not hesitate to call United International Investigations. We have been retained by clients nationwide.