Claude Bookout is President of United Investigations International, a private investigations firm located in Austin, Texas. ( Texas license number: C9472

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United International Investigations is an experienced private investigations firm with a reputation for integrity, dependability, and thoroughness. The firm provides its clients with a broad range of investigative assistance. Corporations, law firms, and prominent individuals have relied on its professional team of investigators to obtain power and control over their particular situations.

Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

Here's the list of reasons you should hire a private investigator instead of conducting them yourself.
  1. Knowledge. Most states require examination and continuing education to be an investigator. This entails staying on top of legislative changes. An investigator is more likely to know the laws better than you do. 
  2. Skill. You might think following someone or finding information about someone is easy. If you're not used to doing it you will get "burned" or spend a lot of time chasing unnecessary data and leads.
  3. Experience. Many private investigators are former public detectives. Did you spend 30 years of your life investigating homicides and conducting stakeouts? Didn't think so. 
  4. Technology. Do you have the latest camera equipment with GPS tagging or counter-surveillance equipment. With price tags into the thousands of dollars, probably not. For the price you'll pay for equipment you could hire a private investigator for more than 30 hours of surveillance.
  5. Time. Do you have 12 hours to hang out on the street waiting for a target to move? Probably not, so get someone to do it for you. 
  6. Danger. People don't like being investigated. Private investigators are trained in self-defense and risk reduction. 
  7. Evidence. An objective observation obtained through legal means will be more persuasive and admissible into court.
Still not convinced? Then call United International Investigations and we'll give you more reasons.