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It's that time of the year... to wrap things up and open new gifts

It's that time of the year again, when people wrap presents, eat food, and drink delicious beverages... that they likely didn't buy! One in every 11 people who walk through a retailer's door is likely to walk out with at least one item he or she didn't pay for, with nearly 70% claiming they didn't plan to steal something (Klara, 2011). The top 10 most shoplifted items, according to Klara in an article published in Adweek, are as follows:

  1. Filet Mignon
  2. Jameson (liquors)
  3. Electric tools
  4. iPhone4
  5. Gillette Mach4
  6. Axe (deodorants)
  7. Polo Ralph Lauren
  8. Let's Rock Elmo
  9. Chanel No. 5
  10. Nikes
The list is interesting, for sure. But we provide it as a friendly reminder that retailers need to take precautions, as we suggest last year at this time. No retailer is safe from sticky fingers, and it seems that there are a variety of motivations for theft. It is also a reminder to be observant of others' behaviors and, if warranted, do a background check or surveillance on employees, spouses, children, etc., especially when they engage in suspicious behavior. This is just a matter of protecting your own self interest, even if it feels odd.

It is also that time of the year when people think it is appropriate to make changes. We're not alone. We're planning to make a few changes to our blog next year. We'll continue to write long posts with ideas and tips for clients, and thoughts on the profession. However, these will be less frequent. Instead, we will update the blog a few more times per month with shorter comments, and more timely news about the profession. This, we believe, will allow us to cover more topics. It is also consistent with the push in social media to make information fresh and concise. We believe shorter comments with links to articles will better serve our readers and the PI profession more than our current approach does.

So until 2012, have a safe and happy holiday. However, if it is for any reason a little unsafe and unhappy, give us a call:

(Note: We'll be working cases, but we'll begin delivering content in mid-January.)