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New format: Also, a few notes on social networking safety

As promised in our end of the year post, we're going to change some things about our blogging efforts this year.

While we will intermittently write a variety of  our longer posts offering advice and tips, we're going to try a more popular format of writing short posts somewhat more frequently. Expect a post about every 2 to 3 weeks instead of every four.

The theme of the posts will vary, but will generally provide links to interesting news stories, reviews of relevant books and journal articles, helpful advice and reminders, and other interesting substance. As before, the posts will focus on issues relevant to the private investigations industry with an intended audience of (potential) clients. As we've advocated, it is important to remain an informed consumer and select investigators who are practicing ethically and legally

In this post, we want to remind our reader's to remember that it is hard to identify people who are potential con artists, as evidenced by a woman who recently was able to swindel her boss out of a million dollars, and to be wary of social networking scams, which are becoming more sophisticated.